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Our life can be made beautiful by simply avoiding two things, 1 Comparing with others and 2, Expecting from others.
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About  Us

Vichaar Television Network is  a  social  enterprise  working  in  the  field  of  inculcating  human  values amongst  youth. It has formed a wholly owned subsidiary called Vichaar Value Education Pvt. Ltd. for distributing based Value Education Content to Education Institutions.

How did we Start?

About  250  industrialists, professionals, businessmen and artists came together in 2007 with a common passion to use multimedia for "life-building" or "life-enriching" programming targeted at all, but particularly the youth of the country. This programming is to be based on our fundamental and inalienable texts, both ancient and modern.

This led to the creation of a collectively held venture called Vichaar in June 2007.

Our model : Social entrepreneurship

Our objective is social and the seed investment in the company has been made for its social objectives. However, economic sustainability is critical for it to create programs and distribute them in India. Hence, while keeping the social goals of the company dominant and uppermost in our minds, we aim to create an economically viable enterprise. We believe that if our programming is indeed valuable to the youth, which we believe it is, the stakeholders in their development will be more than willing to provide the economic support to sustain it.

Why multimedia?

We believe that multimedia is the most impactful medium of communication discovered so far. The means of distribution of multimedia has also multiplied from TV to internet and now, mobiles. Hence, multimedia as a form of communication, knowledge sharing, entertainment and learning is there to stay.

However, unfortunately, alot of what is being produced today in multimedia is detrimental. At the same time, there is significant written material available for development of the youth. Our objective is to convert the written content to multimedia so that the youth, that will continue to increase their access to multimedia, have an option to watch programs  that can help them develop and grow.

What kind of programs will we make?

Our programs, while picking developmental themes, will also attaract and engage young viewers to watch these programs. Thus, aim to make our programs, both enteraining and educational.

While most of our programs are being shot in Hindi, we are also getting them dubbed in English and various other regional languages.

Our current focus: Value Education for Children

Importance of “Value Education” is universally recognized. Even our National Education Policy has emphasized Value Education being an integral part of our curriculum. However, not much has happened on ground on delivering Value Education in schools systematically. While schools have 1/2 periods on Value Education every week, there is not sufficient, high impact content for them to provide to students.

Thus, there is already a recognized and unmet need for effective Value Education in schools. Besides, the programs can be shown in schools. The appeal of Value Education for children also cuts across all segments of parents.

A wholly owned subsidiary called “Vichaar Value Education Pvt. Ltd.”  has been formed for distributing Value Education based content to schools.

What have we achieved so far?

The concept is new for both, producers of content and its buyers in the form of advertisers and sponsors. Producing content with a novel concept while maintaining its economic viability required us to pilot the content through multiple cycles of production and make suitable changes.

Vichaar produced its first content in 2008 and piloted it. The response was encouraging, but required improvements in the content. In 2009, Vichaar decided to focus on Value Education for children and learning from the pilot of 2008, produced more refined and advanced content for children. This was successfully piloted in thousands of schools and in early, 2010, this was adopted by the Government of Gujarat for all its secondary schools.


In 2010, Vichaar is aiming for a national rollout of Value Education based content. In parallel, lot more content in advanced formats such as animation and documentaries is under production. We are also planning to make our content available on other forms of multimedia distribution.

Thank you for reading about us. If you are keen to join us or support us, we welcome you. You may read about how you may support this in the section “Join us”

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