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Privacy Policy

Vichaar Television Network is grateful to you for showing interest in our website. We would like to inform you that whatever information you send us and whatever data is transferred between you and Vichaar is safe and would be used keeping in mind the privacy of the user. Many a times, you would be required to fill in your personal details while downloading any information from the website. The information would remain with us and would not go to any other source, except under special circumstances.

Moreover, we would also like to inform you that the matter you surf on the website and all the details that you fill in the site would be kept with the channel as a record. With the help of this data, we would send you links related to your field of interest and profession on a regular basis. . However, a special request letter would be provided to you before giving your details to our advertisers so that they can send information about their products. It would happen only with your approval.

We would also like to inform you about terms and conditions for using this website. Please read this page with utter seriousness and follow the conditions given below, as it would be beneficial for both, the user and the channel.

If, at any point of time, you wish to make changes in your personal details already stored with the website, you will be required to send us an email at our given e-mail address and write the changes in there. It would take maximum 24 hours to update those changes in the website. No fee would be required to pay for making the above changes.

The website may be sponsored by companies other than Vichaar. The advertisers and sponsors are an integral part of promotion of the channel. You would not be part of the promotion if you do not allow your data to be shared with these above mentioned people.

The advertisers and sponsors of the channel are chosen after enquiring about their authenticity. In this regard, we guarantee that they are trustworthy and have benefit of the consumers in their mind.

Vichaar would make an exception also in issues related to the law. If, any of the user, is accused in any case, then the information will be provided to the related authorities. If, any user tries to misuse the data of website or hamper the site, then serious action would be taken against that person, the penalty to which may range from fine to imprisonment.

Lastly, we would like to say that Vichaar will try its best to safeguard the information of the user in best possible manner after the information reaches the site. Before receiving information, if the user faces any problem while data transferring, then Vichaar is not responsible for it. One has to keep in mind that internet can never promise 100% security.

Kindly visit this page on regular basis as the terms and conditions may change with changing times and conditions.

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