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Our life can be made beautiful by simply avoiding two things, 1 Comparing with others and 2, Expecting from others.
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‘PAATHSHALA – EK GYAN MANDIR’ – A serial with each episode imparting a life building value for children
‘It is a serial set in the context of a teacher taking up the job of inculcating positive values in students of a boarding school. The Principal is dismayed by the unruliness, arrogance and frequent fights among students. Having given up on them, he finally decides to try out with a new teacher….
20 May, 2009, Wednesday

Paathshala – EK GYAN MANDIR

            Education is like a tree. If the foundation is strong, the tree would grow stronger and live for a longer duration bearing more fruits. Talking about today’s young generation, what they lack is a strong base not only in case of education but also in living their lives as human beings. This young generation is more prone to bad health, falling in a bad company and also psychological issues like depression.

            It is often observed that these mannerisms in children are due to lack of communication and gap between the elders and these youngsters. It is very necessary to fill this gap before it becomes too late and children loose their innocence.

            ‘Vichaar Television network’, through ‘Paathshala – EK GYAN MANDIR’, a serial with different episodes per day, tries to build values in school children and help them to become better individuals. Different stories would be shown in each episode highlighting topics of value education like discipline, cleanliness, friendship, self respect and many others.

            What is happening in today’s world is that the serials end up showing what is happening in the society. ‘Paathshala – EK GYAN MANDIR’ instead of following the norm, tries to tell the students that success is incomplete without value education. One needs to be a good human being first and then chase other dreams.

            The serial shows a teacher named Shridhar, commonly addressed as ‘Shridhar Sir’, who teaches value education in school. He tells them one different story per day and portrays practical relevance of small things in life.

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